I just want to talk…..

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At my birthday dinner last night I told my friends about my plan to do two random acts of kindness this weekend. When everyone was getting ready to leave, one of my friends said she wanted to go walk by the ocean. I decided to go with her. As we got into her car it was 2 mins before midnight and she said “, Vani grab the box of nutrition bars, lets drive by and hand them out to homeless people”. I looked at her surprised and said”, Wow that’s amazing! I am about to start my first random act of kindness as the clock strikes midnight! Alright, lets do it!”

Within a few minutes we were driving up and down the street, our windows rolled down,  my hands stretched out with two nutrition bars as we stopped by the curb whenever we spotted a homeless person walking by. Every homeless person would look at us surprised, walk up to us cautiously, as soon as they realized what we were doing a big smile would break out on their face, their eye would light up and they would respectfully accept those health bars from us and  say”, Thank you ladies, God bless you”.  We must have handed them out to about 8 people or so when we parked and decided to walk down the path that was parallel to, but away from the ocean. We grabbed some more bars and started walking, catching up, while enjoying the ocean breeze and the breath taking view of Santa Monica pier clearly hearing the soft sound of the waves rushing to the shore, in the quiet of the night.

As expected, there were some homeless people around. Soon we came to a homeless guy sitting by himself looking upset. We had just noticed a group of three walk away from him. We could immediately sense something was wrong. When I asked him if I could give him some bars he said,” No I don’t want that. I want someone to talk to me. That man. He dragged his friends away. All I wanted was to talk. He wouldn’t let his friends talk to me. I mean no harm man! I ain’t going to hurt nobody. I am not feeling good and I just want to talk. Will you talk to me?”. The look of hurt and the  pain in his voice was obvious. We both said,” Sure, what’s going on?” And soon enough the three of us were standing together, looking at the ocean, enjoying the beautiful view, listening to him. He was mostly talking to my friend and sometimes looking at me and talking to me. Few minutes into the conversation, he introduced himself and we shook hands as he continued to talk, smiling and laughing with us. Few minutes later we waved him goodnight, walked back to my friends car, making sure we handed out the last batch of  the fig bars before heading home.

As I was driving home, I was reminiscing and taking it all in. I was very humbled by the experience and said a silent prayer for  people that were out there by themselves with no one to talk to and had no where to go.

As I conclude my post, this beautiful Saturday morning, I encourage you to share your story of a kind act and inspire us all. I would love to hear from you.

 ©2014, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


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