We all got to help

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I was on my way to the beach yesterday evening. Just I was reaching the intersection, through the corner of my eye, I noticed a man with his head bowed down low with his hands clasped together sitting on a bench at the bus stop.As I stopped at the red light, I looked back to see who it was. It almost looked like he was praying. And then I realized it was an elderly homeless man sitting directly in the sun and probably exhausted from the heat. As the light turned green, I turned my car around and came back to the bus stop. There was a gas station behind the bus stop.I pulled into the parking lot, went into the store, picked out couple of water bottles and banana’s, walked over to him and gave it to him. He just gave me a blank look and didn’t say anything.

Concerned I asked him if he had eaten anything that day to which came a quick ,”No”. I offered to buy him food. Immediately he said, “There is a pizza place around the corner. Can I walk with you over to the pizza place?”. So he and I started walking together. He seemed like he didn’t want to talk much. So I walked quietly next to him. Soon he went into a Quizno’s Sub and I told the guy in the store to give him whatever he wanted.When I was ready to pay, the Quizno’s guy said, “I won’t  charge you for the drink. It’s ok. We all got to help”. I thanked him for his kindness and waited for the homeless man to finish getting his food and drink. A few minutes later I went over and handed him the bag of water bottles, made sure he was ok, bid him and the Quizno’s staff  goodbye.

As I got to the beach and sat  there watching the wave’s, enjoying the cool ocean breeze, the words of the Quizno’s guy kept coming back to my mind, ” We all got to help”.

©2014, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


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