Living Dangerously

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And by that I don’t mean adventure sports or living on the edge kind of life style. What I am referring to is having a chaotic mind on the inside. In other words the constant chatter on the inside, the excessive worrying and anxiety that is subjecting our mind to endless trauma. The Oxford dictionary states that the word “worry” came from an old English word “wyrgan” meaning to strangle. If I go by what the Oxford dictionary says then we are strangling ourselves everyday!! We don’t recognize how bad it is until it shows up externally in the form of disorders, heart disease or other health condition. At times it leads to unhealthy relationships with people, with ourselves and negatively affects everything we do. This kind of lifestyle is what I call living dangerously. Our mind has the power to effect our body, our life and our spiritual path. If we don’t watch what goes on in our mind including what goes into our mind, we will be stuck in a vicious cycle and will get tired of running around. We will keep repeating the same patterns, same mistakes, and will soon get tired of it all.

Therefore having a quiet mind is very important for an overall healthy life. Besides when our mind is quiet we can hear our inner voice. its important to be able to listen to your instinct. It always knows what to do and is never wrong. If your mind is constantly distracted you may not hear your inner voice and it may lead to bad decisions or bad choices. Meditation is an ancient practice that has been followed in different cultures for centuries to help focus inward. It helps us to connect with ourselves at a deeper level and find the infinite peace within. It is  also said in the Bible “Be still and know that I am God”. There is also plenty of scientific evidence to show endless long term benefits of meditation. And the best part is the practice of meditation is absolutely free. All it needs is a willingness to set aside a few minutes a day.

I initially started with practicing quiet time for a few minutes a day. I would take a break from what I was doing, sit comfortably in  a quiet place, close my eyes and take deep breaths. Slowly I increased the amount of time. Then I took a class on mediation and it helped me a lot in refining my practice. Now I can meditate up to 30 minutes a day.

In my experience, once you start enjoying the quiet and the peace within you will not want to go back to the way you were before.

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