And then he met Sir Richard Branson

I volunteer at the Union Rescue Mission every Monday where me and a group of volunteers mentor young adults from difficult background. Spending time with theses kids has been one of the most profound and meaningful experiences of my life. We invite guest speakers from all across the country to share their story with the kids and inspire them. Our guest speaker this Monday was Michael Oliveri, muscular dystrophy advocate.I missed meeting him but thanks to FB and you tube I got to see what an amazingly inspiring guy he is. I would rather not say much about him because his video says it all.

I hope after watching this you make “Anything is possible” your mantra just like Mikey has.

Here is link to his video

And then he met Sir Richard Branson


3 thoughts on “And then he met Sir Richard Branson

  1. What a fantastic thing you do, now that is living 🙂 Anything is indeed possible, once we listen, to others, to ourselves, be truthful to ourselves and most importantly, throw ourselves at life. Live it. You are most deffinately living it. Imagine all the people you have helped in this world of ours?!

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