Dont let fear hold you back

I was reading a poem by Akiane Kramarik and  she says “the doubt we paint is always a prison”. What a profound observation by someone so young.Our first reaction when something goes wrong is fear, anger, indulging in self pity, complaining and crying why me? And then doubting that things are never going to work out, it’s never going to get better. We think what’s the point in trying so hard when things keep blowing up in our faces anyways. We feel like giving up. And that is pretty much what fear and doubt will do to you – make you give up and keep you in its prison for the rest of your life.I used this example as a guest speaker at the women’s shelter this weekend- In order to understand how powerful you are, observe yourself closely.If your mind is really so powerful and its telling you all these things you cannot do, does your mind have the power to control your cycle of life, that is,  birth, childhood, adult life and death?  Can it stop your natural process and say “I don’t want to be a teenager I want to stay a child” NO! Then why are you listening to the negative things your mind is telling you? It has no power to stop any of the events in your life. Why are you listening to it?

Understand that you are not your mind. You are your Soul. It is your Soul that’s giving life to your body, sustaining you and healing you. It is your Soul that is supporting your intelligence, your mind and your body. As long as your Soul is in your body you are alive. Once its gone your body is just a shell. Your Soul is constantly creating new things inside of you every day without you realizing all the things that are taking place inside of you. In other words its really YOU  who is creating new things and healing yourself every day.

The creative force that is in nature, the same life giving creative force is in you and is really you. So what makes you think you are unable to do anything?? What makes you think you are not intelligent enough or powerful enough or worthy  enough of doing or creating anything?? If you think like that, think again. Because you are a brilliant Soul that is sustaining a complex body all on its own,  healing,giving life to and creating all the beautiful things that you get to experience and the world get to see in your beautiful eyes, in your smile, in your warm embrace and your love. How can someone who can do all these things be mediocre?? Everything you need has already been given  to you for free and its inside of you, and the supply is infinite. You are never going to run out of courage, strength, wisdom and ability to over come situations and experience life.Choose to be prisoner of hope. Know who you are and let that realization give you the strength and courage to move forward with your life.

©2014, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


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