Power of compassion and new beginnings!

I want to share the incredible story of Lisa and Adam, two of our volunteers, at Mondays at Mission. They decided to mentor the Weah Kids and in the process got to know the story of the whole family and bonded with a family of four.

Their connection to this family lead to an amazing turn of events with Lisa and Adam deciding to help the homeless family by organizing a fund raiser, taking them into their own home and blessing them with love and affection everyday while Lisa and Adam kept looking for a two bedroom apartment for the Weah’s and helping the kids with their school work.

They eventually managed to raise $12,000 and moved the family into their two bedroom apartment few days ago. They will be paying for the rent while the money they raised was put in the bank as the Weah family’s savings to be used for their future needs. Lisa and adam also received donations of furniture which was used to decorate the new home of Weah’s family.

Weah family had no clue that Lisa and Adam were doing all this for them. Lisa and Adam surprised her and the kids few days ago when they took them to their new home and told them it was all theirs. Lisa and Adam intend on continuing to help the kids with their school work now that the Weah’s are all settled into their new home. They plan on helping the mother with learning English and mentoring the kids on a long term basis.

Here’s the email from Lisa with a touching video that was taken when the Weah’s moved into their new home.

Hello awesome people who donated to the Weah family!

> All in all, we met our goal!

> Thank you for your donations in household items, cash, or your time!
> We finally found them an apartment that you helped to make a home!
> We made an adjustment in karma and provided Angeline with a fresh start

> and replaced money stolen from her.

I feel overwhelmed that you would listen to her story and be inspired to take action.
How kind, optimistic, and generous…
Here is a brief THANK YOU VIDEO for YOU:
Angeline is filled with a new faith and the beautiful mystery that all these people
would come together for her.  She has been through so much as you may remember
…and wishes she could thank you all in person.
Every donation hugely appreciated,  Love, Lisa and Adam

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