When things get rough

Its hard to shift your thought to something positive right away. But the sooner you do it the better off you will be. Fear and anxiety does nothing but drain you and lead you astray.

I try to do the following-

1. Get out and volunteer. When I get out and help someone, it helps me stay in perspective

2. Pray- Prayer always calms me down

3. Get Creative- It helps to relax me and shift my energy to something very positive and healing

4. Instead of thinking that things happen to me I believe they happen for me. When I think like that I feel a calm reassurance that some how its meant for my good and all things are working out in that direction

5. Listen to comedy radio- As they say laughter is the best medicine 🙂

6. A nice long walk

7. Sometimes stepping back and focusing on something else is very helpful. After a while the answers come to me on how to handle the situation instead of burning myself out by over thinking it

The above is not an all inclusive list but just somethings that have helped me cope with stress and have helped me handle things in a better way instead of –

1. Spiraling down emotionally and turning into a mess

2. talking  my head off by calling few people and repeating the same thing over and over again

3. Staying in bed thinking my life is over and its never going to get better

4. over thinking a situation

5. Shopping to get over my blues

6. eating junk food to get over my blues

7. getting overwhelmed

Besides when I am focused on helping others, praying, etc., the stress just melts away. I feel peaceful, content and full of energy to do more productive things with my day.

It’s all about breaking the pattern of unhealthy behavior, maintaining emotional and mental health :)-


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