Is it really that simple?

I was reading a poem by Rumi and he said, “The intellect is luminous and seeks justice so why does the dark ego prevail over it? Because the ego is at home in the body while the intellect is only a visitor, the ego-dog at his own door is like a lion”. I loved what Rumi said in this poem and out of curiosity I googled “ego” to see if it would come up with some interesting quotes. And there it was…the formula by Albert Einstein! What a brilliant depiction! Both the spiritual teaching and learning captured in one simple formula. 

Based on several readings of books and listening to spiritual teachers my understanding so far is that “We have forgotten our true nature and started to identify ourselves more with our mind (ego/lower self) rather than our Spiritual (higher) self. Our life is about getting back to our spiritual self by increasing our understanding (knowledge) of the truth  and letting go of our lower self (ego). As Dr. Wayne Dyer says,” We are spiritual beings having a human experience and not human beings having a spiritual experience.”

Albert Einstein not only understood this principle but also came up with a formula for it! I suppose he was expressing his understanding in a language he knows best ..the language of science…  On a lighter note the formula made me chuckle. Never thought science could depict spirituality so well :)-


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