I AM Affirmations

 I first started doing I AM affirmations a few months ago because I heard about it on TV and wanted to try it. It felt weird saying stuff like I am strong, I am blessed I am kind etc. I was a bit skeptical and didn’t see the point in saying stuff like that to myself. I thought,”I know I am strong and kind.What’s the point in saying things that I already know about myself?”But then as I continued pouring over books by Joel Osteen, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Weiss and many others, it was as if I was being led on a path of self discovery and I was slowly connecting the dots to a much higher truth.

When I first saw this  quote in one of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book it was as if a veil of ignorance  lifted and a thousand bulbs went off in my head. I realized my soul is beautiful and I am a powerhouse of talent, intelligence, beauty, grace, peace, love and much more. But a lot of the times I listened to the negative things my mind was telling me and I would feel hopeless, helpless like I can’t do anything to change my situation and then I felt like giving up. In the past I didn’t realize who I really was and had fallen trap to the antics of my monkey mind.

But when I re-read that quote I felt that IIMG_7346 should not live a life based on fears, insecurities and all the illusions my mind was projecting onto to me. My God the trauma I have been subjecting myself to all these years! The thought makes me shudder. By practicing I AM affirmations I was declaring my true nature and walking away from the lies I had conditioned myself into believing. I was finally embracing my true nature which is essentially pure and perfect. Now I don’t feel overwhelmed or weighed down by life. I feel free. I have started to let go of the need to worry or control things. Why limit the outcome by wanting to have my way? By allowing life to unfold I am inviting much learning and wisdom into my life. Rumi’s poem comes to mind ” Why do you seek water when you are the stream? Have you forgotten? You are the king’s falcon, you are a ray of the Beloved, a divine wonder!”

So Rumi, here’s to remembering  I am a divine wonder –

I am strong

I am inviting abundance into all areas of my life

I am well able to handle and overcome everything that comes my way

I am loving

I am blessed

I am guided and protected at all times

I am not alone

I am loved

I am perfect

I am complete

I am enough

I am inviting peace and harmony into my life

I am healed

I am valuable

I am talented

Quoting Rumi again, “Friends, let us return to the source of pure essence that nothing else can equal. Remember, we are pearls in the ocean of Spirit.”

©2014, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


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