Turkey Trot

photo (18)Now that I have been doing some emotional cleansing these past few months my focus is shifting to  my physical health. I find myself watching what I am eating and wanting to be physically active. And the best part is all this is happening naturally as a result of getting rid of plenty of emotional baggage. I don’t have to force  or tempt myself to put on my running shoes by promising a reward at the end of the week.I want to be out there enjoying life. I want to remain healthy to do that.  And so the quiet resolve to go out there, get active and just have some plain old fun :)- In an effort to put my plan into action I started signing up for 5K’s. My first 5K this year was on Nov 9th.I didn’t run at all. I had not been exercising and had just gotten out of an 8 week 10-11hr work schedule. So I was no way prepared to run. But I finished the whole course walking at a fast pace along the pacific ocean, huffing and puffing my way to the finish line as I was chatting away with a friend. Encouraged by my accomplishment and that I made decent time to finish the course, I signed up for another 5K o Nov 27th.This time however I did exercise on and off and I practiced running a little bit. So I showed up at the registration desk at 8 am all ready to run 5K on Turkey Day. I  did not expect a lot of people it being holiday season and all. Boy was I surprised! There were almost a 100 runners. They had to add an extra slot for the 5K runners at 8.30 am because they couldn’t fit them all under the 7.30 am slot. Anyways, I walked up to the starting point and was surrounded by kids, people of all ages ready to go running before they went home to gobble their holiday meal. Soon  I was off running with the crowd. Half a mile and I started to slow down and fall behind. My thighs were on fire my lungs felt as if they would explode and I stopped to catch my breath. Just then a little boy went running by on his little feet followed by an elderly woman. When I saw the two of them run like that off I went again  praying  that the 5K turnaround was not too far. When I was at the 5K turnaround I punched the air with my fist, cheered with some of the runners and was off again on my way to the finish line.However , the sun was right in my eyes and blazing down on us directly. I could hear a lot of the runners ahead of me groaning as they got back on the course and were hit by the sun light. And as I started my run to the finish line I had become my own cheer leader but I couldn’t beat the heat and soon my run turned into a trot. Few minutes later it was replaced by a waddle as I made  my way to the finish line. I went straight to the registration desk to collect my medal and pose for some pictures like a sports star!! As I  am writing this post today I am still saying hello to some of the muscles that are introducing themselves to me every time I  move around. But despite the  aches and pains I am very proud to announce that I finished the race in 45 minutes!!

photo (19)



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