Stand Tall

Stand Tall

Stand tall

Most importantly during difficult times

Pain is leading you on a road of self-discovery of sorts

Revealing your strengths and your resolve,

Your talents, perseverance, courage and a lot more

How does it feel to find your way back to yourself?

To know you have always been and will be amazing after all 🙂

So stand tall and look pain in the eye

Because pain is only a temporary visitor

With Wisdom as your steadfast companion

Allow pain to leave to let healing come in

Hope, faith, courage, peace, joy are not too far away

They have all been waiting outside the door

Open your mind and let them in because

A day will come

When you will share your story

Your words will give strength to those in despair

Your story will become a source of inspiration

In that moment perhaps you will find your purpose

How does it feel to be a guiding light for others?

Well you have always had that light within you

How does it feel to have found it and use it to bring hope to others?

Stand tall because no matter what you will find out it was worth it

So stand tall and be the guiding light

Now and always 🙂

©2015, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


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