Power of words

20150830_190453 - CopyWhatever God would want me to do….love each other and help others. I want to add, not take away-Donna Douglas.

During my evening walk today, I came across this little plant that was dried up. All I could see from the distance was sharp twigs but there was also this beautiful flower in the middle of it almost by itself adding beauty and life to this otherwise lifeless plant.

And I thought, aren’t words like that too? The right words can speak life over a dead situation, bring hope, turn things around, and add beauty to our learning and wisdom.

Three years ago, I met a local comedian in my line of work. He had been going through some tough times, was struggling with getting work and was looking for a good break. He was feeling very down and dejected when I met him with my boss (at the time). When I was done with my part of the meeting, before leaving I felt compelled to encourage him. I hesitated from walking away, my boss noticed my hesitation and looked at me with questioning eyes.

I wasn’t sure how my boss would react but regardless I reached out to the comedian, shook his hand and held on to it as I looked straight into his eyes and said something like,” I know its difficult what you are going through right now. I have been there. I understand. Please try to remember it is only a phase. You are talented and gifted. I have listened to you on the radio. Don’t give up. Things will change for the better.”

He looked touched by my gesture, still holding my hand he asked,” Do you really believe that things will change?” I said with conviction,” Not only are things going to change you are going to thrive. I will pray for you. God bless you.”He seemed affected by what I said and he couldn’t speak except manage to whisper a heartfelt,” Thank you”. My boss a little startled by the exchange just nodded his head as a “Thank you” as I stepped out of his office.

A year later the comedian came to our office and during the meeting asked me,” Do you remember what you told me the last time I was here? It changed my life.” Then he went on to share how he had been inspired and started working on his gigs with renewed effort. He had been changing things up and working on himself at the same time. He had cut down on his drinking and started running. He had recorded some CD’s which fell into the right hands and resulted in him landing a spot on the TV show. I couldn’t resist saying,”I told you so!!”.

A couple of months ago I was listening to a local pastors televised sermon. He said,”Speak with intention.Speak life into a dead world. Don’t stupidly say stuff. Words have power. Speak with power. Words are a part that remind us of our divinity. Words cannot be forgotten.There is a part in our brain that stores every word you ever heard, spoke or read. That means everything you ever said to others will stay with them forever. Everything that was said to you will stay with you for ever”.

What an interesting fact. Imagine if you or me have ever spoken an ill gotten word,it will stay with that person for ever. It is a burden I do not wish to carry. It is not easy to speak kind words when someone is being unkind to me. Sometimes I have succeeded and at time I have failed. But I continue to make amends and grow while forgiving myself and others for our failures to have loving interactions.

“You can change your world by changing your words…Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue”- Joel Osteen.

©2015, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


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