Broken Road


Tired of walking on a broken road

I keep looking for an easy path

But every time I find one

Unexpected delays and road blocks

Show up to help me stay humble

I take a detour and am back on that broken road.

And so my journey just gets longer

Allowing much time for self reflection.

Tired and weary I look back and see

The road block was actually a blessing

That took me to the next level of my destiny.

That delay caused much frustration

But now I know,

No delay nor obstacle

Can stop my journey

Because that broken road is always around

Waiting to share its wisdom with me.

Now the obstacles don’t frighten me

And delays have no power over me

As I walk comfortably on that broken road

Wiser with a quiet assurance that it will get me to my destiny 🙂

©2015, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


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