Finding Courage


“Do not take life’s experiences too seriously. Above all, do not let them hurt you, for in reality they are nothing but dream experiences. What you lose in this world will not be a loss to your soul. Trust in God and destroy fear, which paralyzes all efforts to succeed and attracts that very thing you fear. All nature will commune with you when you are in tune with God”- Paramahansa Yogananda

“The Lord will work out His plans for my life- for your faithful love, O Lord,endures forever.” (Psalm 138:8)

When the Universe conspires certain situations that become a catalyst for change it is easy to let fear and anxiety take over. It is not easy dealing with sudden changes. It is not easy knowing what to do next. All that can be done is to brace oneself, remember to breath and take one step at a time. Every hour brings new opportunities and hope for new beginnings. It is hard to see a good future when the odds are stacked against you. But whatever happened, once the moment has passed, it is in your past.

It is not your reality anymore. Holding on to it means you are holding onto nothing. It is gone. Let it go. That moment rightfully belongs in your past. Now is truly what you have. Use it to heal yourself. Use it to create a new tomorrow. Now is yours to claim and to live in. Its a privilege to have this moment where your life can change in a heart beat.

In the meantime pour words of encouragement into your spirit and empower yourself. You truly do have the power to change your situation and move forward.

My favorite verse when I need strength to be an overcomer is , “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13)

Remember you “pass through” difficult times. Which means difficult situations are not where you are meant to stay! Life will burst forth and blossom. It will bring beauty and peace despite the hurdles and challenges just like the flowers amongst the rocks in the picture. Amen.

©2015, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


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