My first snow storm

20151120_200608 (2)

I gasped as I saw the snow coming down

Excited I rushed to put some warm clothes on

Within seconds  I ran outside

To experience the magic of my first snow storm.

I stood there, with arms wide open, mesmerized

White flurries floated down without a sound

And settled gently on my arm.

I tried to catch them as you watched me with loving eyes and an amused smile

The air filled with our laughter and shouts of joy

My heart so full as I stood next to you on a cold winters night

“Lets go back in now darling”, you gently reminded me ,”we have been out here long enough”.

I quickly bounded up the stairs as your laughter followed me close behind

I ran to the window and stuck my head out

And gasped when I saw the wind quietly and gently pour dust of snow around

As I watched intently within minutes everything was covered in a thick white fluffy  blanket

I stood there unable to move, captivated by the sugary frost, my world transformed!

Time stood still in that moment of peace and quiet

Nothing else to do but enjoy this wonderful and glorious sight

With you on a warm cozy winters night 🙂

©2015, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved


























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