An ongoing commitment


Two more days and the 2016 will be here! Wow that was fast!

2015 has been a big year for me. I got married and moved to a different state. I am still settling down adjusting to new place, new lifestyle, weather etc. I am excited about all the new things coming my way in 2016. I look forward to starting a new job, meeting more relatives and friends on my husbands side of the family, making new friends and building a new life with my husband.

But with the New Year around the corner and everyone thinking about New Years resolutions I  started to think about the changes or improvements  I personally want in 2016.  I don’t want  to set the bar too high and put too much pressure on myself to achieve my goals within a short period of time. If I did that its almost like setting myself up for failure from the start.  Instead of dramatic changes I want to continue to make gradual changes, develop some healthy activities that will become habits and have long term impact. In short I want to make lifestyle changes, shifts in attitudes that will have a positive influence on how I live my life and help me get more out of it.

So my New Years resolution (?) is an ongoing commitment to be a better version of me  in line with  last years commitment.  As a result  I intend to continue my efforts to have a healthy body, mind, spirit and lifestyle by-

  1. being thankful for all things that come my way even when things are not going my way.
  2. Being patient, kind, loving and forgiving towards myself.
  3. Having some “me time” every day to  meditate, write or volunteer. In short continue to focus on things I am passionate about.
  4. maintaining a steady regular work out schedule
  5. cooking and eating  healthy, sleeping well
  6. watching my thoughts and continuing to explore stress coping mechanisms that work for me
  7. traveling more and investing in experiences and creating memories instead of spending on acquiring more stuff
  8. being in the present moment, feeling content and having a positive mindset at all times
  9. De-cluttering my  schedule thereby creating more quality time for myself and loved ones
  10. Keeping it simple and real by continuing to have less, need less, spend less and do less
  11. instead of spending more time taking care of the mundane (the more stuff I have the more time I have to spend taking care of it) I would rather invest more time in people and causes by spending quality time with family and friends and getting involved with the community
  12. Focusing on depth and quality of life, relationships and living space rather than quantity

I am hopeful that in 2016 I will see much personal growth as I have in 2015:)

©2015, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved



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