A prayer for today

I have been given the gift of today

And so I consider it my birthday

I ask with no hesitation on my special day

to be flooded with His mercy, goodness and favor

On this day and every day.

His love for me surpasses all understanding

And forms a hedge of protection around me

I break stronghold of fear and doubt

I break free from anger and sorrow

because every day is my birthday

And my heavenly father is blessing me

with abundance, courage and wisdom

turning situations around and bringing me out better than before.

No man or situation can stop or take away

what my God intended for me.

I am at peace knowing He is moving heaven and earth

to fulfill His plans for me

Every moment I spend in despair

is a moment I give up experiencing His blessings

So on this day and everyday I commit myself

to be in agreement with God

And to stay in that place of peace

Because that is where my God is.

I refuse to receive anything into my spirit

that will disturb the peace in me

I intend to stay close to God

welcoming word and actions that strengthen

my spirit and my relationship with Him

©2016, Vani Murthy. All rights reserved





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