Winter storm

Fall came along

And for a moment I was the prettiest of all

But soon my leaves were gone

And I stood there naked in the winter storm

Snow hugged my feet and cold winds

Kissed my branches

I stood there quietly

In the winter storm.

Rooted to the ground

Strong and tall

Looking grand and beautiful

Dressed in white in the winter storm.

Don’t break down I encouraged myself

I need the cold winters  for the spring,

I told myself

I think of the birds and the flowers

That will come stay with me.

And I think of all the kids that will play with me

And so I stand tall and strong

In the  winter storm

Waiting for spring and all the beauty yet to come

When I will come into my own season

In my full glory

Much bigger and beautiful

Than when I was in the winter storm

-Copyright Vani Murthy 2016









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