Only believe

For the past 2-3 weeks my husband and I had been working away on a immigration  matter. With our full time jobs, and responsibilities at home devoting time to this important matter was a challenge.

Late nights pouring over documents, printing and organizing papers, going over possible scenarios, questions. …it felt this thing would never end. Several phone calls with attorneys, friends, and family ….discussions and debating on the what if’s…all started to overwhelm and drain us, physically and mentally.

Finally when the big day came we arrived early, settled in a comfortable spot and tried to calm our nerves down, encouraging each other and holding hands while we were waiting for our number to be called.

Soon we went in, met with the officer, everything went smoothly and in 20 minutes we were out the door on our way back triumphant that the matter had been settled in our favor.

Considering how much preparation we had put in, the actual interview itself was very easy and quick. We came home still feeling dazed and relieved it was over. My husband remarked how much had changed in less that 2 hours and it was just 10.20 am! Indeed it had.

When we were in the cab on our way back as if on cue a car pulled up next to us and had these words written on the rear side of the car”,Only believe”.

Over the past few weeks we had allowed the stress to get in on the inside and spill into our interactions with each other. Instead of getting our strength by leaning on God we had let stress in and let it drain our energy. Although in our hearts we belive God is watching over is…our belief seemed to lack reflection in our actions.

And yet God had found a way to remind us to “only believe”. He was telling us He has our back and He was with us through it all.

We took it as a sign of God’s love for us.

I hope we let this sink into our hearts deep enough so we never forget.

Copyright Vani Murthy 2016.


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