Mercy in disguise

What if Your healing comes through tears? What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near? What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise?- lyrics from the song Blessings by Laura Story

Recently I read a story in the media about Fred Barley, a 19 year old a homeless youth, who was discovered by the police sleeping in a tent outside the gates of his college last weekend. He told the officers he rode his younger brother’s bicycle six hours so he could get to college to register for his second semester classes. One thing led to another and the young man was temporarily put up at a motel, his story went viral and a few community members came forward to lend a helping hand by offering him a job, helped raise money, offer him some moral support and many families invited him to come spend time with them so he is not alone. I have been following his story on Facebook page and it was heart warming to see that in less than 4 days nearly $180,000 had been raised and there was an outpouring of support, both financial and emotional, from complete strangers for this young man.

I was listening to Lisa Osteen yesterday on having a Victory mindset. She lovingly and kindly reminded her audience that when we pray and nothing seems to be happening we should not lose faith. We need to remember that God is working for us behind the scenes. There are many angels fighting for us to bring us what God has ordained for us. All we need to do is never give up and wait in peace knowing God loves us, is working for us and watching over us at all times. It reminded me of Fred Barley. I am sure he didn’t realize his life would change dramatically when he set out on his brother’s bicycle that morning. Not only was he blessed but others who joined in have also been blessed. His story has inspired and given hope to many and also provided an opportunity for some to share their stories and keep spreading the message of love, hope and faith along with Fred. What an incredible testimony to God’s love and protection.

Needless to say his story has helped me dispel some doubts I have had these past few days and strengthened my faith in God as my promise keeper, redeemer and way maker. Amen.

2016 Copyright Vani Murthy


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