A day of glory


“God I am turning this situation over to you. I am not going to let this steal my joy. I know you are in control. And at the right time, I believe you will not only turn it around, but you will bring me out better off than I was before”- from the book “The purpose driven life”.

In the summer of 2011 I was going through some difficult times. I felt gloomy all the time and hopeless. One of my dear friends suggested I read the book “The purpose driven life” by pastor Rick Warren. It is the best book I have read to date. It helped me get my hope back and changed the way I looked at things. It inspired me so much that I decided to laminate some key quotes from the book and make them into little cards to keep in my purse so I could read them whenever I needed a dose of inspiration. But somehow I wasn’t satisfied with the idea of keeping these precious jewels to myself. I felt compelled to  make multiple copies of it to share with close friends and family. I also felt I needed to keep some extra copies on hand so I can give them to anyone that needed them.

So on a hot Sunday afternoon I braved the SoCal sun and went to the nearest Fedex Kinkos. When I was laminating the print outs, I made the mistake of putting each page into single plastic sheets to laminate. Once I finished my first set I realized that it was going to be expensive. I thought I should stop and not make so many cards. But I had 8 people on my list that I wanted to give these to.I thought,”Well maybe I should give these to some people and not all of them”. Then I cancelled that thought and said ” God I am going to continue with this. I am not going to think about the money. You figure out how You are going to pay for this. I want these people to get Your message. And I am not stopping because of money.”

After I finished laminating I went over to the main counter to pay for it. There were three cash registers with three staff members at the checkout in the front of the store. However this young lady who was at one of the registers left it , came to me and said “lets go to the other side over there and I will help you check these out”. I thought it was odd she was asking me to go to this other register when there was no one ahead of me. Usually the store is very busy and most of the times there is some waiting time. But not on this day. A little unhappy that she was making me walk all the way across to the area I was at a few minutes ago with a big pile of laminated copies in my hand I wondered why she couldn’t have just helped me at the register she was at.

Once we were there she asked me how many lamination’s I had. I said, “48”. She looked at me and asked, “Did you use a single sheet for each card?.” I said “yes”. The girl said” its going to be very expensive you know. you could have just cut the paper and put 6 into one plastic sheet.” I said ” well I didn’t think of it. Its okay. I will be careful next time.” She picked up the calculator and started calculating. I thought,” Ok here it comes!”

Instead she looks at me and said- ” I am going to assume 6 of these could fit in one sheet and I am going to charge you only 27 dollars including taxes. If I charge you regular price it is going to cost you more than 90 dollars. It is too expensive. I don’t want you to pay so much. Please don’t tell anyone I am doing this. I will get into trouble. I am doing this only for you. So please don’t tell anyone and get me into trouble.”I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I got goose bumps and tears in my eyes as I thanked her and I said “Do you know what I just printed? Prayer cards.  Thank you.”

I paid for the cards and left . Once I was in my car I sat there completely still staring at the package in my hand. If the girl had stayed at the register along with her other coworkers she would have never given me a discount. Something had made her move away from that area and go to the register where there was no one around us. I was overcome with emotion as I felt His presence in that moment and realized what He had done for me. I must have cried for a few minutes but once I stopped I felt so peaceful and calm it is just hard to describe that feeling. I left the parking lot feeling  God wanted me to do this and was letting me know that I have His blessings.

“Today is a day of such happiness, such glory a day not lit by the sun but by the Original Light where you abide hidden in Eternity’-Rumi

Copyright Vani Murthy


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