Unexpected Blessings

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Nov 18th has been very special day for me. I was presented a Women to Watch Award by Illinois CPA Society. I am in complete awe and very humbled by the recognition.

Early this year my boss said she would like to nominate me for this award. I was busy planning my wedding at the time and didnt think of it much. When I got back I was shocked to see the email that I was one of the winners. It took my breath away.

Who knew that me a survivor of Domestic Violence, someone who was told by my abuser that I was not worthy enough would be one day respected and recognized for her efforts by the entire accounting profession as a leader for her contributions to the community, the profession and to the organization she worked with.

Few years ago, if someone told me 10 years later I would be recognized as a Women to Watch and considered a leader I wouldnt have believed them. 10 years ago I had just walked out of an abusive relationship and was trying to get back on my feet.I never thought DV would happen to me but it did. It took a lot of courage to walk away from my abuser but I did it. I moved to a different country to go to school and started working to support myself soon after graudating with a Masters degree. The next 7-8 years I spent working hard, rebuilding my life, focusing on my career and healing myself. Along the way I was actively involved in helping my local community in whatever way I could.

As a survivor of domestic violence, it is incredible how far I have come.  Since 2011, I started working with survivors of DV and later with homeless kids, sharing my story and empowering them in any way I could. After several years of working directly with survivors of DV I felt ready to take my efforts a step further. I am happy to share that I recently became a board member of a nonprofit called Between Friends hoping I can make a bigger impact in my local community and be of service to the organization in preventing domestic violence.

God has blessed me not only with recognition professionlly but also gave me a second chance at love by bringing my wonderful husband into my life. As if these werent enough to overwhelm me He found a bigger role for me to play in the community as a Board member at Between friends. Yesterday when I was on our way back home from the award ceremony with my wonderful in laws in the taxi, the driver  mentioned he was the music director at his church. He was  playing a gospel song that was something to this effect”, He will wipe our eyes dry and take us up to His side.And forever we will be His.Singing, “Blessing and honor and glory and power forever to our God.”.

I took that as a sign that God was making his presence known and telling me I am with you in everything and I have you in the palm of my hand. I will lift you higher than you could possibly imagine.

Encouraged by the turn of events I decided to take a brave step and start a campaign to raise money for Domestic violence for Between Friends. I want everyone who is or has experienced Domestic Violence to have opportunities that were available to me.

Please take a few minutes to review the link and donate to support the cause. Every dollar matters. Help break the cylce BE THE CHANGE


God bless

Copyright 2016 Vani Murthy


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