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Since last year I have been on a journey to understanding what my life is all about. After a year of soul searching I find myself in a better place spiritually. A few months ago I started journaling my thoughts, meditating, eating healthy, minimizing my personal possessions, practicing mindfulness by being aware of my thoughts and actions, letting go of the need to control everything  and allowing myself to be in the moment. All this has let to a complete change in my lifestyle and its an ongoing process of realizing what’s important to me, cutting the chord that tie me to unhealthy habits and leading an emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy lifestyle.

At some point  I felt that if I am going to write about it for myself why not put it up on a website so others can read it and be inspired and so I started this blog. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Stay positive and Live Life Love Inspire!!!

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  1. Hi Vani! You have an excellent mission statement here — and yes, a little inspiration can go a long way! This year I’ve resolved to discover and comment on a positive blog every day, while keeping a list on my own blog so that others can find more inspiration too! Your site is today’s entry. Keep up the good work!

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